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Buying a New Home?

You have done your research, shopped around and found the right home for you and your loved ones. Since this is one of the biggest investments you will ever make both financially and emotionally, you have done your very best to make sure all angles are covered.

At first glance, the home may appear to be in great shape. But without a professional home inspection, how do you know if it contains a defect or not? Perhaps one that could set you back tens of thousands of dollars? Millions of Americans every year are left in financial ruin, paying for costly repairs that they should not have to.

Protect your investment and your financial future with a whole home inspection by DFW Accurate Inspection service, a leader in residential home inspections. Our expert inspectors will provide you with a comprehensive inspection covering over 400 items in your new home. With a DFW Accurate Home Inspection, you will know everything you need to know about your home in order to make the best decision. Whether this is your first home or you are relocating ? when it matters most ? trust DFW Accurate Inspection Service and feel confident with your purchase.