DFW Accurate Inspections

Bringing Safety and Satisfaction to Our Clients, 7 Days A Week

There is no other investment that is more important to anyone than their home, especially when the current state of the global economy is taken into account. Becoming a homeowner can be a very powerful thing but it also comes with a lot of financial stress, which can only become even more severe if the house isn’t properly checked. We can provide a highly trained Dallas home inspector to work alongside you during this critical time to keep you, and your finances, safe.
We’ve worked with many clients and with a wide variety of homes in the areas in and around Dallas. This includes working with clients buying existing homes as well as clients who are in need of home inspections for newly constructed houses. In addition, we’ve also worked with many real estate agents to inspect homes prior to sale to help maximize possible gains on the property.

In fact, a good portion of our clients have come to trust our abilities as home inspectors that we’ve been asked to conduct annual checks to ensure their homes are in the best state possible. Our team also utilizes some of the most cutting edge technology including thermal imaging, to paint a better and more comprehensive picture for our clients. We’re more than happy to work with you when it comes to making sure your home is in pristine condition.