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Does Your Home Inspector Use The Latest Technology?

About Infrared Thermal inspections
DFW Accurate Inspections offers Infrared Thermal Imaging in addition to property inspections. We also perform full Infrared Thermal Inspections and reports. Our infrared thermal-graphic camera enables us to do a powerful noninvasive way to see what is happening to the building we are inspecting. This technology helps monitor and diagnose the condition of buildings. It can quickly identify problem areas that can’t be seen by the naked eye eliminating destructive probing methods. DFW Accurate inspections offers advantages to you over a typical Home inspector who lacks our Infrared thermal imaging Technology. In fact, less than three percent of Home Inspectors even use Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology in the field.
Results are captured, documented instantly in a picture in a picture or just a full Infrared picture and easily into professional reports.
The photo above shows a large amount of heat lost due to lack of insulation behind the drywall within a living space. A regular home inspection would have never caught this!

IR_0089Make sure the professional inspector you hire hasthermal imaging equipment. If they don’t then they can’t even scratch the surface!
The need for a Licensed Professional Home Inspection Service prior to buying or selling a property is increasing and is considered a wise investment for more than one reason, awareness is one of them, you are not alone in the desire to make an informed decision about your home. These days, home buyers are less willing to make a long term financial commitment without first taking cautious steps to obtain all the information that DFW Accurate Inspections can provide as a Licensed Home Inspector.
The data provided in your Professional Home inspection will better enable you to understand the condition of your new home from a more informed reference point. I treat Property Inspections as an education, data collection, review and compiling into a Home Inspection report that will provide you with invaluable information about the property… fundamentally an education that is key to a Professional Property Inspection. If the time is right for a Home Inspection, then I would like to extend my prompt and courteous Property Inspector Services to you. My location enables me to provide comprehensive Home Inspections to the entire DFW area.


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